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A year in Israel
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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
12:03 am
I hate my life right now, I truly do. I gave up great plans for spring break so I could be with my girl, and all of a sudden it's done. And I lost some of my closest friends over this. Why is it that I pick the worst and the craziest girls? I'm so fucking sick of this shit, it's not even worth it.
Monday, January 17th, 2005
4:27 am
Broke up with another girl today. Sometimes life is a bitch, for real. I actually really liked this one. The problem was though, she wanted to change who I was. That's something I will never do for anybody.
Sunday, December 12th, 2004
9:12 pm
From the old city of Jerusalem
I'm staying in the old city of Jerusalem now, up until Sunday with a free place to stay, by kind religious Jews eager to do a mitzvah. Many of my meals are free too, whenever I want at a yeshiva, with actual real food, not crappy kibbutz food. The only thing about that is that I feel guilty eating and not attending religous discussions in the yeshiva, so I only eat there when I have time to attend a lecture. But when I do go to the lectures, they are amazing. The old city of Jerusalem attracts some of the greatest Rabbis in the world, and you can hear them speak whenever you'd like. That's one of the great things about this place. The Rabbis here are amazing and I learn much.

Some of the things I've done since coming here:

-visited the wailing wall
-visited the church of the holy sepulcher
-gone to all 4 quarters
-went on the mount of olives
-went to mount scopus
-went to me'a She'arim
-went to Mahane Yehuda
-took an underground tour of Jerusalem
-visited the city of David
-went to three museums
-went to the tower of david
-visited an ancient destroyed palace of King Herod
-visited some ancient destroyed houses
-saw the ancient palace of King David
-visited some synogogues
-Saw the giant golden menorah
-went to a concert
-Saw ancient mikvehs, pools, streets, and mosaics.
Saturday, December 11th, 2004
6:34 pm
I've finally decided to use my vacation from the kibbutz. I set out yesterday for Caesarea, the once-Roman capital of Judea. It is an amazingly beautiful place, with ruins everywhere. Looking at Herod's hippodrome, you can just picture the Roman bastards that used to sit in its seats cheering the horse and chariot races. The ruins of a synogogue in the Jewish quarter, desecrated by the Romans and a signifcant factor in what led to the first Jewish revolt, remains. remnants of a mosaic from its floor is still visible, and it adjoins a beautiful curving beach.

From Caesarea I travelled to the old city of Akko, where I spent the night at a family-run hostel. Akko was once an important Arab port, and was also significant during the crusader period. The city is renowned for having been the only place Napolean could not conquer besides Russia. The old city of Akko is amazingly beautiful. I ate some fish at a restaurant at the harbor where a restaurant-worker who sat behind me fished from his seat. In the background, people dive off a small cliff located right next to the restaurant. Although Akko is a beautiful place, it is really annoying being woken up at 4:15 in the morning by prayers announced from the local mosque.

After Akko, I really wanted to go to Peki'in, a small Jewish-Druze-Muslim village in the Galilee. Peki'in is famous for having an unbroken and unexiled Jewish community since the second temple period. (With a brief fleeing in 1936 due to the political situation at the time.) However, in order to get to Peki'in you need to take a bus from akko the nahariya and from nahariya take major detours, with buses not running often. So I tried striking a deal with a taxi driver, as Pek'in was not so far awa from Akko. The fucking driver was a con-man, from the start trying to rip me off totally because I'm American. When I argued, he said he'd prove to me that he was being fair. With that, he pulled along side a bus stop and asked someone how much a taxi should cost to get to Peki'in. The man said a price much lower then what the taxi driver said was "fair." The cab driver then proceed to argue with THIS guy, in Hebrew, and not knowing I could understand everything they were saying. I got really pissed off when the cab driver said; "But my passenger is an english-speaker! It costs more!" At any rate, I bargained it down from 320 shekels to 270, which ain't to shabby. After stopping at Peki'in, (which is a beautiful town not unlike Safed and with an amazingly admirable harmony of peoples,) I arrived in Tiberius.

After arriving in Tiberius, a beautiful city located on the sea of Galile,and one of the four holiest cities to Jews in the world, I took a bus to the ancient town of Cafer Nahum. I chatted with the bus driver, who asked me if I'm Jewish. I said yes, and asked him the same question. He said, "No, 'baruch Hashem! I am Muslim, although not religious." ("Baruch Hashem" means "blessed be the name," or "praised" be the name.) Why "baruch Hashem?," I asked. He said that after his travels to Europe he saw how many people hated Jews, and he did not know why. He said that being an Israeli, people who in the beginning assumed he was Jewish gave him much better treatment after discovering he was not.

Cafer Nahum, although also of interest to Jews, it is best known as a town in which Jesus resided with his first two apostles. Nearby Cafer Nahum I stumbled across the outskirts of a church in the location in which Jesus' apostles fished. I looked at the beautiful scene until a monk walking out of the church scared the hell out of me. He wasn't much for conversation, but he gave me permission to look in the church, where it showed pictures of the Pope kissing the stones on which Jesus walked. Then I decided, what the hell, I might as well check out the mount of beauttudes. After taking a long detour, I headed back to Tiberius. Tommorow I plan on heading to Nazareth. (Man, I'm beginning to feel like a Christian pilgrim.)
Friday, December 10th, 2004
10:35 pm
Every now and then I walk out of the kibbutz into the desert, and then sit down there and think. This is what I'll miss most about the kibbutz.
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
5:16 pm
I'm now working on a kibbutz half an hour south of Be'er Sheva called "Revivim," located in the desert and surrounded by Bedouin encampments. Kibbutz life is rough, but I do think it's an important experience that builds you.

When I was first showed my room, the windows were broken open. Within not too long, the entire top half of the door completely fell off its hinge, and now we have to move the door by picking up the entire thing and moving it shut or open. However, we cannot pull or push it by the handle because it will immediately fall off. (A problem we noticed pretty much from day 1.) My jobs have ranged from scrubbing pots and pans in the kitchen to making salads to scrubbing the dining room floors clean. Workdays are nine hours long, 6 days a week with Saturday being a day off.

The people here is probably the most interesting aspect of the kibbutz, besides the amazingly beautiful location with its gorgeous desert sunsets. People have come from all over the world to work on kibbutzes like this one. There are 2 volunteers from South Korea, 2 from France, 2 other Americans besides me, 2 from South Africa, (I know this is beginning to sound like Noah's Ark but sit tight,) one from Colombia, and approximately 13 from Russia.

That's pretty much the jist of it. I also got my plane tickets today, and I will be returning to the States for good August 9.
Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
12:44 am
Awesome news!!
On a better note, my friend back in Minnesota, Roy Fry-Harding, aka "Massicka," has finally signed with a label and is going around performing now. He has a record in the works called "the Darker Side of the Light," due out in August, so all you rap fans out there watch out for it!

Current Mood: excited
Monday, December 6th, 2004
11:51 pm
Back in Israel. (Also: "What the hell did I do?!")
Well, after flying to New York, spending the night there, taking a bus to Amherst, Massachusettes, spending three nights there, taking a bus back to New York, spending the night there, taking a plane to Mytle Beach, South Carolina, spending three nights there, taking a plane back to Atlanta and then New York and then to Tel Aviv, I'm back in Israel! I've been spending the past two nights at a youth hostel in Tel Aviv, but it's seemed like so much longer than that with the incredibly weird and smelly rommates I have. (And as I understand it, this is supposed to be a YOUTH hostel, not a 3o-something hostel.)

Almost as soon as I got back Adi was phoning me like crazy. We went to a beach party and then just walked around Tel Aviv for awhile. Today, she was phoning me like crazy again, this time like twice as much, and I was still kind of exhausted from jet lag. So I tell her, like, I'm really tired and I don't know if I'm up to doing anything today. She says cool but then she continues calling, each time I say the same thing and she seems fine with it, only for her to call more! So finally I say "okay, let's go do something," because I don't know how much more of this I can stand. We go to the movies, and there's only one of two films that she wants to see out of the entire selection: "Harry Potter" or "50 First Dates." Now, I've already seen "50 First Dates" TWICE, once on the day before I left for Israel almost a year ago, and once on my flight over here three nights ago. But I sure as hell am not seeing "Harry Potter," so I'm like, "okay, let's see '50 First Dates.'" We watch the movie, go back to her place, and later on as I'm leaving, we're outside her house and my cab arrives, and I kiss her goodbye, but she refuses to kiss me back like she's angry at me for something. WTF?! I know for a fact we had an awesome time and the day was perfect and all, and she was having fun up until the last second! We didn't have any arguments or fights, so what the hell did I do?! She was acting fine like a a second before that, it's like she's schizophrenic or something! Jesus, girls drive me fucking nuts sometimes. What the hell did I do?! Someone tell me!! ARGGHH!!!

Current Mood: aggravated
Thursday, May 27th, 2004
9:58 pm
"The Passion" is bullshit. "The Passion" is bullshit. "The Passion" is bullshit.
If I were a movie critic, this is what I would write:

I finally saw "the Passion the other day. This movie was so shitty I don't know where to begin. I'm glad I didn't actually pay to see this film because if I did I would've demanded my money back plus eight bucks for wasting my time. Instead I saw a friend's illegal copy of it in Jerusalem.

I didn't automatically assume when it first came out that it was going to be anti-semetic. A lot of Jews immediately assumed it would be racist because of Jewish leaders condemning it and because Gibson's father is an anti-semete and a Holocaust denier, and is part of a fucked-up cult that rejects all the popes who took away the blame from the Jews for Jesus's death. So I went to see it thinking it in fact wasn't going to be anti-semetic, but I was totally wrong.

ist off, this movie was based on European plays during medieval times that focused only on Jesus's death rather than his teachings and put blame squarely on the Jews for his death. That's problem #1. But that's only scratching the surface.

The movie continuously makes the Romans look sympathetic to Jesus, and Pontius Pilate tries doing everything he can to prevent Jesus from getting crucified, never mind that he ordered the crucifixion! However, despite Pilate's best efforts, he's afraid the Jews will kill everybody if he doesn't give the order. Because in this fantasy, the Jews have more power then the ROMAN ARMY and if the Romans don't do what the Jews say, watch out. Gibson you jackass. As if all those Jews would focus on this one guy who claims to be the messiah when this was a time when dozens of people were claiming to be one. Thousands of Jews were being crucified at this time for simple bullshit like stealing bread, and this is what the Jews focus on, this one of many guys who claims to be the messiah. Pilate is practically on the verge of tears as the Jews scream and almost drool with anger, all thirsting for blood.

But Yossi, you say, this film is not anti-semetic. It's only following the bible as it was written. I will answer this with one word: BULLSHIT! I've read the bible, (I live in a Christian country, remember?,) and I know that Hitler, (and when I say Hitler I mean Mel,) used a little "artistic license" in filling in the blanks of the story. The whole "Jews lurching out and hissing at Jesus as he's lead to the crucifixion site" thing is never mentioned, nor is the whole "Pontius Pilate crying to his girlfriend about having to kill Jesus and if he doesn't the Jews will kill everybody," thing. What Goebbels did in his movie was take away blame from the Romans and shift it to the Jews by emphasizing on some things and focusing away from others. I mean, what the hell? It'll show Pilate crying one minute, then it shows the Jews, all with murderous expressions on their faces, with THE DEVIL WALKING AMONG THEM! WTF?!! I also didn't like the fact that all of the Jews screaming for his death wear kipote, (yarmulkes,) whereas Jesus himself and his followers wear nothing on their heads, as if they're not Jews also.

"But Yossi," you say. "I'm an anti-semite. Why shouldn't I see this movie?" I'll tell you why you shouldn't. It's not just the anti-semitism, this movie just plain sucks in general. Quickly I found out that Jesus wouldn't be the only one to suffer intense pain and agony. It's three hours of Jesus getting the crap kicked out of him and then getting crucified! Gibson is a psychopath. Not only that, the acting is some of the worst I've ever seen.

But what I think pisses me off the most about this movie, (And I promise my ranting is almost over,) is that Mel "the Jews killed Jesus" Gibson has claimed over and over again that this movie is totally realistic. That's why he totally Hollywoodized the story of Jesus and put everything in slow motion with gushing blood pouring out everyhwere every 3 seconds? Not to mention the fact that his movie is in Aramaic and Latin, and the Romans didn't even speak Latin back then Mel you $&*%!!. In the beginning, Gibson didn't want any subtitles at all in the film. People called him mad, (which he is,) to which he arrogantly replied, (as any madman would,) "..Or maybe I'm a genius." I'm not even going to split hairs, I'll stick to the basics.

When it comes right down to it, I loved this movie. And by loved I mean this is the shittiest movie I've ever seen in my life and I want it to get burned along with "Triumph of the will," and I want Braveheart to flee to Argentina and get lost there. I would rather Gargle buckets of dog puke than have to see this movie again.

My advice: See Martin Scorsese’s “the Last Temptation of Christ” instead, that movie is awesome, even if this lady disagrees with me: http://www.livejournal.com/users/jhughes/2003/03/03/
6:40 pm
What I will miss when I leave Israel
I figured that since my last two entries emphasized on what I don't like about Israel, it's only fair to have an entry on what I love about Israel, which totally outweighs what I don't like. here's the list:

-Children playing in the streets of Jerusalem:
-the miracles that have happened throughout history here and even continue into this day in Israel.
-The beautiful diversity:
Eastern European Jews: http://www.harelstanton.com/images/pictures/thumbnails/jews16.jpg
Ethiopian Jews: http://www.normweiss.com/images/ethiopian_jews_israel/Scan53.jpg
Iraqi Jews:
Russian Jews:
Moroccan Jews:
Yemenite Jews:
-The beautiful mountains.
-The breathtaking desert:
-Drinking legal 18+!!
-The gorgeous sunsets:
-The beautiful music.
-The warm/hot temperatures.
-The incredible amount of history that has occured in this land.
-Seeing the spot where David killed Goliath, it's amazing seeing holy spots like these where you heard time and time again about them but it was so long ago it never occurs to you that the areas where this stuff happened still exist.
-The beach: http://www.inisrael.com/gallery/ta/beach.jpg
-The Bedouin Shuk.

And the number one thing I will miss about Israel: (I'm sure any guy who ever came here would agree):

-The uber-hot Israeli babes!!!!
(Here's an example: http://www.missuniverse.com/delegates/2004/country/IL.html)
Monday, May 17th, 2004
1:35 pm
It all started when I briefly left my wallet in my classroom. I returned shortly after only to find it gone. I asked everyone who was in the class if they'd seen it, all said no. I checked the lost and found, but they didn't have it. I checked the billing to see if anyone used it, days afterwards so I could track it down without the hassle of ordering a new one. No one was using it, so it was not stolen. I cancelled it and ordered a new one, wondering what happened to my wallet. (Perhaps it was accidentally thrown away by the janitor? that's all I could think of.

We asked for overnight delivery, which is a max of four days to anywhere in Israel. It did not show up 5 days later. I spent all day the next day spending a fortune calling the states trying to get my credit card company to help me, and they said they didn't know what happened to it. I called my bank, same response. I called my uncle, who's still helping me with it. He calls people every day trying to figure out what's going on. Finally we find out my card got stuck in Virginia Beach, and my bank cancelled it and ordered a new one. It's been nearly four weeks since the "overnight delivery," and I still have not received my card. I've had very little money and have been practically starving for the past month, not being able to buy anything or travel anywhere, and I have only two weeks left in Be'er Sheva.

My uncle decided to hot-wire me some money, but I have to go to three different post offices, each one directing me to another, before one of them says they can help me. Obviously there's a lot of misunderstandings when two people speak two different languages and do not speak the other's well. I wait in a line for a while and am redirected to another line after a very rusty conversation in Hebrew in which we both have problems understanding each other. I wait in another line for a long-ass time and a family cuts right in front of me, no fucking respect at all. I argue with them and win, only for the lady at the desk to tell me to go to another line because her computer's not working well. I got to the next line, wait for a long-ass time, only to be redirected to the other line because now the lady's computer is working. I wait, get to the desk, only for the lady at the desk to tell me I MUST HAVE my passport, no ifs ands or buts. I have my student ID, which proves I am who I am. It has my full name, my picture, AND my passport number, and she refuses to accept it.

I'm infuriated as I stomp back to the buses, kicking sand and obviously really upset about something, and this lady actually comes up to me and ask ME for directions, out of all people around her. She obviously has no radar for people to stay away from, but luckily for her I try extremely hard not to take out my frustrations on others when I'm pissed off.

So here I am four weeks later. No money, no food.

Current Mood: infuriated
Sunday, May 9th, 2004
6:47 pm
Lag b'Omer
Last night began Lag b'Omer, the Jewish holiday that mourns Jewish suffering and persecution under the Romans thousands of years ago. On the holiday Jews are supposed to light fires, and so it was amazing driving back at night from the Golan Heights to Be'er Sheva seeing all of the giant bonfires Israelis made all over the country. It looked as if the entire country was on fire, which was an amazing thing to see.
Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
10:44 pm
Today's Middle East death toll
Today's Middle East death toll:

In Israel, 5 militant Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers.

68 people were killed in blasts in Iraq, including 23 schoolchildren and 9 policemen, with 98 people wounded.

In Saudi Arabia, at least nine people were killed in a blast, with 60-125 wounded.

The fact that this all happened in 24 hours makes you think in retrospect that the Middle East is really fucked up.
Monday, April 19th, 2004
10:41 am
Yom HaShoa
Last night began Yom HaShoa, the day commemorating the Holocaust. At 10 am, I walked to an area where thousands of people stood. A wailing siren went off, it was extremely creepy and disturbing in the way it sounded. As the siren sounded, everyone stood completely still, not a peep was heard, not one person's cell phone went off, which I think is pretty fucking remarkable in Israel. I looked to the street, where every car had stopped, every driver and passenger had gotten out of their cars and stood outside of them with their heads down. Every cab driver, bus driver, truck driver, and every day driver stopped their cars where they were to get out and stand in silence. Throughout the entire country the same eerie siren was sounded at the same time, as millions stood for the 6 million Jews who were murdered. 6 million is such a large number, it's more people than the population of Israel today, and also more than the population of my home state of Minnesota. As the siren died down, people continued to stand as if paralyzed, it was obvious how emotional it is to Israelis. A band started playing some slow music as a desert wind blew hard against us.

It is important for the Jews to remember, that although it is important to remember the annihilation of the Jews in Europe, we must look forward. It is also important to remember that this was not the fault of Germany's alone. Practically every single fucking country that had Jews that were sent to the death camps participated in it, and refuse to even apologize in the most remote way today. And even those who did not participate ignored it until the actual war affected themselves. It's like Katsav said; "the world knew, the world saw and continued to ignore the genocide of Europe's Jews. The shame should accompany humanity for eternity." Ironically, the countries that participated the most are those in Europe that attack Israel the most today. Holland, one of the very few countries along with Hungary to actually help the Jews during that time, is still to this day pro-Israel.

Therefore, let no one dare tell the Jews how to live and what to do anymore. The world has treated the Jews like shit from the very beginning and the holocaust was the last and final straw. I think today the world is just pissed off that now the Jews can control their own fate. The world until this day does not stop in trying to persecute Jews as much as possible. Israel has become the "Jew among the nations" as US attorney Alan Dershowitz said. Let us all remember that the Jews have a new right to self-determination, and the world, for the first time ever, cannot change that.
Monday, March 22nd, 2004
4:41 pm
A random moment
I went to the shuk with Laura and Nikki. There we stopped at a jewelry stand where Yusef, a man with one eye and a baseball cap reading "Jesus 2000" sweet-talked us. "Are these your wives?" He asked me. "yeah, I have another one back home," I replied. "Well then take this," he said, handing me some free crappy women's jewelry. Nikki and Laura started buying some necklaces. "Buy more," he said to them. They explained they didn't want anymore. "I have only one wife," Yusef continued, "But nine children. Six girls and five boys. I buy food for ALL of them!" "Yes, but we need to buy food for ourselves," said Nikki. "We need to go the grocery, too." Fine, fine," he said, shoving some more free jewelry into her hand. "Remember, my name is Yusef, please come back here again." We started walking away. "Take good care of your wives!," Yusef shouted in the distance.
Saturday, March 20th, 2004
8:56 pm
"Take me away from all the pressure, and all the pain.
Show me some happiness again,
I'm going blind."
Monday, March 15th, 2004
4:48 pm
Depression and an ancient mikva
I'm so depressed right now. I have no idea why, I shouldn't be, but I am. I hate keeping everything bottled up, but I don't like expressing it either because that's just sappy and everyone's got their own problems. This is pretty much the only outlet I feel comfortable using, and even with this I don't feel that comfortable doing so. When I get depressed, I like to listen to 2Pac because he understood true suffering, and yet he could still sympathize with anybody. He used to say in his songs that through every dark night there's a bright day ahead and all anyone can ever do is just deal with the situation they're given, but even those words can't do enough sometimes.

Unrelated. A few days ago I was walking along the beautiful Judean hills, when we ran across an ancient mikva dating back 2,000 years ago. I was surprised that the mikva was still there, as the Romans destroyed nearly everything in all the land of Israel at the time. The kippa I was wearing at the time, (I wore one as we were in Orthodox company,) blew off and into the mikva, sinking into the rain that had collected in it. I put the hood of my sweater over my head and we continued walking back to the settlement we had been staying at.

Current Mood: crushed
Sunday, March 7th, 2004
6:23 am
My visit to the security fence, aka "the wall."
This Friday I went on a free tour of the controversial Israeli "wall," personally hosted by Israeli Russian immigrant Natan Sharansky, Israel's minister of the diaspora. A one-sided propoganda-esque speech in was given in a room that was full of Jews from Australia and Britain. American jokes filled the air as Sharansky brought us to a hill overlooking a long section of the fence. At first I didn't see it, and I wasn't the only one. We were like, "where's the fence?" It took a few minutes before it finally caught my eye, and it looked nothing like what the media makes it out to be. The problem with the media is that it wants everything to be ultra-dramatic and interesting to its readers/watchers, so there must be clear heroes and villains, and since Israel is bigger than the Palestinians, the underdog must be the good guy. Anyway, enough with my rant, my point is that it looked nothing more than the barriers along American highways, only in fence form instead of cement. All the fence is is another way for Israel to protect its citizens, which of course is its obligation.

After looking at this part of the fence, they brought us to the wall-part of the barrier that is located on the border of a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem. It is a very insignificant fraction of what is almost entirely a fence, and yet this is the almost the only part that is shown in the media. I looked at all the Palestinians who glared at us as we drove past them, although they seemed happy that we would see what they consider to be a travesty themselves. But the funny thing is, looking at these Palestinians, I cannot tell the difference between them and Israelis. Unless the Israeli is a Russian or American immigrant, I find Israelis and Palestinians indistinguishable. We arrived at the wall section and got off, crossing the street as Palestinian drivers impatiently blared their horns at us.

And there was the wall, the only part of the security fence that's ever photographed for the newspapers and TV, a giant cement barrier. Grafitti was all over it, some of it was very clever actually. Stars of David composed of dollar signs adorned it. "Paid for by USA," "Not another wailing wall," and so on was written on it along with Arabic and Hebrew.

What made this site even more interesting was the giant number 4 bus sitting in front of it, blown to pieces by a suicide bomber. Israel had it towed to the area to show Palestinians and journalists the purpose of the wall. The bus was left just as it was when the blast destroyed it, minus the blood. Shattered glass littered the torn aisle and wires hung from the blown rooftop. Seats where I could only assume people were sitting at the time were severely burned. The wall and the bus combined was a very emotional experience.
Saturday, February 28th, 2004
11:59 pm
All my entries in one paragraph
Here is all of my entries in one paragraph:

Wow this is my first entry here's my life story whether you want to hear it or not damn Hebrew is hard My roommate left for the army the war with the cockroaches was long and traumatic the Judeo-Nazis tried recruiting me Tamir got a stone thrown at his head and we had to go to the emergency room where they glued his head back together and then Neil called certain people in the Ben-Gurion group "bitches" my lunatic Mda instructor threatened to kill Jesus again then the first horseman of the apocalypse, whoops I mean Arnold, got elected as governor of California, I sucked at poetry before praying in a synogogue for 12 straight hours with two four minute breaks after which I wrote an entry declaring I had no time to write an entry then a cranky cab driver allowed us to flee from a horrible beach party by driving to another city after which an insane New Zealander threatened to blow up a building with an RPG after I downed almost an entire glass of vodka in practically one gulp assuming it was water while conversing with a Rabbi until we slept on a rooftop in the old city of Jerusalem through the sounds of singing and the shining dome of the rock in the background after which I realized there's a shitload of Davids in Israel so I crowd-surfed on Rabbis and Yeshiva students to techoized-klezmer music and I ranted about the diversity of the old city then an Italian in green shook his head madly at me until I decided to cover the entire history of violence and war in the land of Israel but I went to Egypt and climbed a mountain that Bedouins claim to be Mount Sinai and slept up there then I bitched about getting Spanish words and Hebrew words mixed up thus creating Ladino so I went into a rant about Israel's diversity and my lunatic Mda instructor mowed us all down with a supersoaker then one of the most incredible things that ever happened to me occured and I slept in a Bedouin tent in the Judean desert overnight until I posted pictures of my adventures on the entry after that and expressed my concern over the division of religious and secular in Israel the first day of classes started today for Israeli students and there was a giant strike going on as students partied around the school it didn't bother me much so I went to Safed where the sun set over the infinite number of empty mountains the UN are bastards I crawled into caves that were once inhabited by the leaders of the Jewish revolt thousands of years ago why does my roommate torture me by blasting Disney music and Free_kunta left a really weird comment Kill Bill is really really violent I had an unrelated nightmare then I toured the ancient cities of Be'er Sheva and Arad then I got really personal after which I walked in the desert and went to Eilat Gary puked the entire way from Jerusalem to Be'er Sheva so I went to Tel Aviv it rained in Be'er Sheva and Israelis panicked until I began my fifth fast and was Muslim for a day not by choice love sucks ass I couldn't go to Jerusalem because I was sick and that sucked I bought ice cream and that sucked too the Hebrew Hammer looks like a good movie so I fasted for the sixth time my roommates are overall cool until a nurse jabbed a needle in my arm and missed the vein so she dug deeper Sadaam was captured and I visited another ancient site after which I was welcomed into a stranger's home for a Shabbat meal Happy Chanuka don't trust cab drivers in Israel I said goodbye to people and went to Minnesota and froze for two months but while there my pal Roy was in an MC competition kind of like in 8 Mile life is weird Minnesota is cold and I'm back in Be'er Sheva.
Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
7:43 pm
Back in Israel
I arrived in Be'er Sheva yesterday after two months of freezing in Minnesota. El Al lost my luggage, which had the keys to my dorm, my cell phone, all my clothes, all my CDs, my CD player, my box of disposable contacts, etc. It sucks, but I'm just glad I'm back.
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