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Depression and an ancient mikva

I'm so depressed right now. I have no idea why, I shouldn't be, but I am. I hate keeping everything bottled up, but I don't like expressing it either because that's just sappy and everyone's got their own problems. This is pretty much the only outlet I feel comfortable using, and even with this I don't feel that comfortable doing so. When I get depressed, I like to listen to 2Pac because he understood true suffering, and yet he could still sympathize with anybody. He used to say in his songs that through every dark night there's a bright day ahead and all anyone can ever do is just deal with the situation they're given, but even those words can't do enough sometimes.

Unrelated. A few days ago I was walking along the beautiful Judean hills, when we ran across an ancient mikva dating back 2,000 years ago. I was surprised that the mikva was still there, as the Romans destroyed nearly everything in all the land of Israel at the time. The kippa I was wearing at the time, (I wore one as we were in Orthodox company,) blew off and into the mikva, sinking into the rain that had collected in it. I put the hood of my sweater over my head and we continued walking back to the settlement we had been staying at.
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