Joe Hughes (jhughes) wrote,
Joe Hughes

A random moment

I went to the shuk with Laura and Nikki. There we stopped at a jewelry stand where Yusef, a man with one eye and a baseball cap reading "Jesus 2000" sweet-talked us. "Are these your wives?" He asked me. "yeah, I have another one back home," I replied. "Well then take this," he said, handing me some free crappy women's jewelry. Nikki and Laura started buying some necklaces. "Buy more," he said to them. They explained they didn't want anymore. "I have only one wife," Yusef continued, "But nine children. Six girls and five boys. I buy food for ALL of them!" "Yes, but we need to buy food for ourselves," said Nikki. "We need to go the grocery, too." Fine, fine," he said, shoving some more free jewelry into her hand. "Remember, my name is Yusef, please come back here again." We started walking away. "Take good care of your wives!," Yusef shouted in the distance.
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you polygamist!!

wait, did you tell him that you had a wife in America?
i want some free Isreali jewelry
i love free stuff. . .
I'm a playa! Anyone with three wives is! But, sorry. Unless you come to Israel and go to the shuk, no free Israeli jewelry.
that's not fair
i will never get to go to Israel
Well, not with that attitude!
take my wife, please take them all. What are you crazy? why would you want more than 1? Why would you want 1? Damn just imagine how much stress that would be. 3 people taking from your wallet. 3 people whining and complaining, 3 people to have their bad weeks, God forbid all on the same week.
I guess..
I love the math involved...
9 children... 6 girls and 5 boys... how many of them were both in that case :-)
Funny, huh?
LOL! That made my night. You're added too.
Added you back.