Joe Hughes (jhughes) wrote,
Joe Hughes

What I will miss when I leave Israel

I figured that since my last two entries emphasized on what I don't like about Israel, it's only fair to have an entry on what I love about Israel, which totally outweighs what I don't like. here's the list:

-Children playing in the streets of Jerusalem:
-the miracles that have happened throughout history here and even continue into this day in Israel.
-The beautiful diversity:
Eastern European Jews:
Ethiopian Jews:
Iraqi Jews:
Russian Jews:
Moroccan Jews:
Yemenite Jews:
-The beautiful mountains.
-The breathtaking desert:
-Drinking legal 18+!!
-The gorgeous sunsets:
-The beautiful music.
-The warm/hot temperatures.
-The incredible amount of history that has occured in this land.
-Seeing the spot where David killed Goliath, it's amazing seeing holy spots like these where you heard time and time again about them but it was so long ago it never occurs to you that the areas where this stuff happened still exist.
-The beach:
-The Bedouin Shuk.

And the number one thing I will miss about Israel: (I'm sure any guy who ever came here would agree):

-The uber-hot Israeli babes!!!!
(Here's an example:
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when are u leaving?
I'm flying Tuesday to new York to see my aunt and uncle, then taking a bus to Massachusettes to go to an orientation at Umass Amherst, then flying to South Carolina to visit my grandma, then flying back to Israel to stay on a kibbutz for two months. Then I'm leaving for good.
hmm complicated but sounds like fun. both my brother and sister got accepted to amherst but umm i don't think they're going there. anyways, have fun. :)
I'll only be gone for something like 12 days.
oh, i'm gonna be in israel on the 27!
That's today! You mean next month?
oh yeah i mean june
How long will you be here?
until august 24..
Ill be in jerusalem for August 1-20 but I probably wont have that much free time.
What'll you be doing here?
hasbara jerusalem fellowships. I dont know if you remember that pro israel article i wrote but apparently the lady in charge of the jerusalem fellowships so enjoyed my article she had hasbara fellowships pay my way there. it makes me feel important. but anyway they meet with israeli government officials, media officials, scholars and such from across the political spectrum, et cetera to give college students a stronger background in the facts and to make them more savvy advocates.
Whoa, congratulations! You should ring me up too when you're here, tlak about the gool ol' times at Ben-gurion. (I think we'll both be nostalgic at that point.) Once again, 064-579-550.
is that a cell number?


13 years ago

Cool. Totally ring me up when you get here, my cell is 064-579-550.
i will :)
my cell is 067-43-0086
whoa y did u delete your journal you have 30 days to undelete it.. so hurry up how old r u?

Re: crap


June 4 2004, 17:33:00 UTC 13 years ago

hmm... maybe
hehe falafel. eee, lucky. don't forget that you learnt a lot of hebrew and i'm insanely jealous. :)
too bad i dont have a scanner or I would send you a pic of MY israeli babe (my ex girlfriend I dated while at ben gurion). I will be going back to BGU for a master of middle east studies.
does this mean that you don't wish to leave badly anymore? (i hope that things are looking up. last i knew, you were super super sick of it all, and wanted to come home)

oh and by the way, you know who says hi? Mr. French! (the big black guy from ceramics). he wants to write you an email seeing how isreal is treating you. he perked up when i mentioned your name. :):)

Yeah, that was a bad time I was going through, but I'm over it. Everything's cool, overall I'm loving it here.
yay :)
soo all of u people r jewish do u know each other?