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A year in Israel

What it is like to spend a year at Ben-Gurion University

Joe Hughes
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A few things about me:
-I was born and raised in Minnesota,in the Twin Cities.
-One of my main goals in life is to become a syndicated cartoonist.
-I decided to come to Israel for a year, to study at Ben-Gurion University in Be'er Sheva.

Introduction to my new Journal:

Welcome! with the help of my pal David Coen I was able to set up this site and I hope all of you enjoy it. Welcome to the world I now live in, filled with stories of death-seeking cockroaches, warring social groups, Gun-toting 18 year olds, Rabbis, Yemenites, Ethiopians, Russians, Americans, Germans, frenchmen, British, Dutch, Moroccans, secular and religious, Jews and Muslims, Christians and Druze, immigrants and sabras, students and tourists, and billions of different political views.