Joe Hughes (jhughes) wrote,
Joe Hughes

Yom HaShoa

Last night began Yom HaShoa, the day commemorating the Holocaust. At 10 am, I walked to an area where thousands of people stood. A wailing siren went off, it was extremely creepy and disturbing in the way it sounded. As the siren sounded, everyone stood completely still, not a peep was heard, not one person's cell phone went off, which I think is pretty fucking remarkable in Israel. I looked to the street, where every car had stopped, every driver and passenger had gotten out of their cars and stood outside of them with their heads down. Every cab driver, bus driver, truck driver, and every day driver stopped their cars where they were to get out and stand in silence. Throughout the entire country the same eerie siren was sounded at the same time, as millions stood for the 6 million Jews who were murdered. 6 million is such a large number, it's more people than the population of Israel today, and also more than the population of my home state of Minnesota. As the siren died down, people continued to stand as if paralyzed, it was obvious how emotional it is to Israelis. A band started playing some slow music as a desert wind blew hard against us.

It is important for the Jews to remember, that although it is important to remember the annihilation of the Jews in Europe, we must look forward. It is also important to remember that this was not the fault of Germany's alone. Practically every single fucking country that had Jews that were sent to the death camps participated in it, and refuse to even apologize in the most remote way today. And even those who did not participate ignored it until the actual war affected themselves. It's like Katsav said; "the world knew, the world saw and continued to ignore the genocide of Europe's Jews. The shame should accompany humanity for eternity." Ironically, the countries that participated the most are those in Europe that attack Israel the most today. Holland, one of the very few countries along with Hungary to actually help the Jews during that time, is still to this day pro-Israel.

Therefore, let no one dare tell the Jews how to live and what to do anymore. The world has treated the Jews like shit from the very beginning and the holocaust was the last and final straw. I think today the world is just pissed off that now the Jews can control their own fate. The world until this day does not stop in trying to persecute Jews as much as possible. Israel has become the "Jew among the nations" as US attorney Alan Dershowitz said. Let us all remember that the Jews have a new right to self-determination, and the world, for the first time ever, cannot change that.
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