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It all started when I briefly left my wallet in my classroom. I returned shortly after only to find it gone. I asked everyone who was in the class if they'd seen it, all said no. I checked the lost and found, but they didn't have it. I checked the billing to see if anyone used it, days afterwards so I could track it down without the hassle of ordering a new one. No one was using it, so it was not stolen. I cancelled it and ordered a new one, wondering what happened to my wallet. (Perhaps it was accidentally thrown away by the janitor? that's all I could think of.

We asked for overnight delivery, which is a max of four days to anywhere in Israel. It did not show up 5 days later. I spent all day the next day spending a fortune calling the states trying to get my credit card company to help me, and they said they didn't know what happened to it. I called my bank, same response. I called my uncle, who's still helping me with it. He calls people every day trying to figure out what's going on. Finally we find out my card got stuck in Virginia Beach, and my bank cancelled it and ordered a new one. It's been nearly four weeks since the "overnight delivery," and I still have not received my card. I've had very little money and have been practically starving for the past month, not being able to buy anything or travel anywhere, and I have only two weeks left in Be'er Sheva.

My uncle decided to hot-wire me some money, but I have to go to three different post offices, each one directing me to another, before one of them says they can help me. Obviously there's a lot of misunderstandings when two people speak two different languages and do not speak the other's well. I wait in a line for a while and am redirected to another line after a very rusty conversation in Hebrew in which we both have problems understanding each other. I wait in another line for a long-ass time and a family cuts right in front of me, no fucking respect at all. I argue with them and win, only for the lady at the desk to tell me to go to another line because her computer's not working well. I got to the next line, wait for a long-ass time, only to be redirected to the other line because now the lady's computer is working. I wait, get to the desk, only for the lady at the desk to tell me I MUST HAVE my passport, no ifs ands or buts. I have my student ID, which proves I am who I am. It has my full name, my picture, AND my passport number, and she refuses to accept it.

I'm infuriated as I stomp back to the buses, kicking sand and obviously really upset about something, and this lady actually comes up to me and ask ME for directions, out of all people around her. She obviously has no radar for people to stay away from, but luckily for her I try extremely hard not to take out my frustrations on others when I'm pissed off.

So here I am four weeks later. No money, no food.
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