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Back in Israel. (Also: "What the hell did I do?!")

Well, after flying to New York, spending the night there, taking a bus to Amherst, Massachusettes, spending three nights there, taking a bus back to New York, spending the night there, taking a plane to Mytle Beach, South Carolina, spending three nights there, taking a plane back to Atlanta and then New York and then to Tel Aviv, I'm back in Israel! I've been spending the past two nights at a youth hostel in Tel Aviv, but it's seemed like so much longer than that with the incredibly weird and smelly rommates I have. (And as I understand it, this is supposed to be a YOUTH hostel, not a 3o-something hostel.)

Almost as soon as I got back Adi was phoning me like crazy. We went to a beach party and then just walked around Tel Aviv for awhile. Today, she was phoning me like crazy again, this time like twice as much, and I was still kind of exhausted from jet lag. So I tell her, like, I'm really tired and I don't know if I'm up to doing anything today. She says cool but then she continues calling, each time I say the same thing and she seems fine with it, only for her to call more! So finally I say "okay, let's go do something," because I don't know how much more of this I can stand. We go to the movies, and there's only one of two films that she wants to see out of the entire selection: "Harry Potter" or "50 First Dates." Now, I've already seen "50 First Dates" TWICE, once on the day before I left for Israel almost a year ago, and once on my flight over here three nights ago. But I sure as hell am not seeing "Harry Potter," so I'm like, "okay, let's see '50 First Dates.'" We watch the movie, go back to her place, and later on as I'm leaving, we're outside her house and my cab arrives, and I kiss her goodbye, but she refuses to kiss me back like she's angry at me for something. WTF?! I know for a fact we had an awesome time and the day was perfect and all, and she was having fun up until the last second! We didn't have any arguments or fights, so what the hell did I do?! She was acting fine like a a second before that, it's like she's schizophrenic or something! Jesus, girls drive me fucking nuts sometimes. What the hell did I do?! Someone tell me!! ARGGHH!!!
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