Joe Hughes (jhughes) wrote,
Joe Hughes


I'm now working on a kibbutz half an hour south of Be'er Sheva called "Revivim," located in the desert and surrounded by Bedouin encampments. Kibbutz life is rough, but I do think it's an important experience that builds you.

When I was first showed my room, the windows were broken open. Within not too long, the entire top half of the door completely fell off its hinge, and now we have to move the door by picking up the entire thing and moving it shut or open. However, we cannot pull or push it by the handle because it will immediately fall off. (A problem we noticed pretty much from day 1.) My jobs have ranged from scrubbing pots and pans in the kitchen to making salads to scrubbing the dining room floors clean. Workdays are nine hours long, 6 days a week with Saturday being a day off.

The people here is probably the most interesting aspect of the kibbutz, besides the amazingly beautiful location with its gorgeous desert sunsets. People have come from all over the world to work on kibbutzes like this one. There are 2 volunteers from South Korea, 2 from France, 2 other Americans besides me, 2 from South Africa, (I know this is beginning to sound like Noah's Ark but sit tight,) one from Colombia, and approximately 13 from Russia.

That's pretty much the jist of it. I also got my plane tickets today, and I will be returning to the States for good August 9.
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Honestly, I was about to write you. I met this guy who looks just like you. He's so nice and I think he said that he's from New York.
Yey, for coming back. . .
Maybe we can all meet up or something. . .
How do you know what I look like?
From the icon
Is that not you?
yes it is, although with much longer hair. (Plus it's a pretty small pic.) Anyway, it would be an honor to meet my double.
This guy has curly long hair as well
(We're talking soccer hair)
He's also got a thin mustache

And he's hot. . .
Actually, I meant I do not have that long hair that I had when the pic was taken..I've gotten it cut since. Also, it's not curly, it's wavy-ish. Plus, no moustach.

Although I AM hot..:)
Well, when you get back, we'll just have to see how hot. . .

And why aren't there pics of Isreal in your LJ??
I did post a site at one point along the way in my journal..the site's still up, but most of the pics are out of date and from like a year ago. However, I just added three new ones. You can find them here:

The first pic is of my uncle in the Bah'ai Gardens, the other two are of me. (One in the Golan Heights, courtesy of LJ user Infrasonic, the other in the King David hotel, courtesy of my uncle.)
Whoops, sorry. THIS is the page:
I'm glad you realized that
I clicked it and I was like, 'Okay, he's trying to sabatoge me'

I'm delirious from Claritin
I may sound a little waif and dense at times
that is quite interesting, and the mix of people is prolly pretty fun
Yeah it's defintely an experience.