Joe Hughes (jhughes) wrote,
Joe Hughes

From the old city of Jerusalem

I'm staying in the old city of Jerusalem now, up until Sunday with a free place to stay, by kind religious Jews eager to do a mitzvah. Many of my meals are free too, whenever I want at a yeshiva, with actual real food, not crappy kibbutz food. The only thing about that is that I feel guilty eating and not attending religous discussions in the yeshiva, so I only eat there when I have time to attend a lecture. But when I do go to the lectures, they are amazing. The old city of Jerusalem attracts some of the greatest Rabbis in the world, and you can hear them speak whenever you'd like. That's one of the great things about this place. The Rabbis here are amazing and I learn much.

Some of the things I've done since coming here:

-visited the wailing wall
-visited the church of the holy sepulcher
-gone to all 4 quarters
-went on the mount of olives
-went to mount scopus
-went to me'a She'arim
-went to Mahane Yehuda
-took an underground tour of Jerusalem
-visited the city of David
-went to three museums
-went to the tower of david
-visited an ancient destroyed palace of King Herod
-visited some ancient destroyed houses
-saw the ancient palace of King David
-visited some synogogues
-Saw the giant golden menorah
-went to a concert
-Saw ancient mikvehs, pools, streets, and mosaics.
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