Joe Hughes (jhughes) wrote,
Joe Hughes


I hate my life right now, I truly do. I gave up great plans for spring break so I could be with my girl, and all of a sudden it's done. And I lost some of my closest friends over this. Why is it that I pick the worst and the craziest girls? I'm so fucking sick of this shit, it's not even worth it.
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A new girl--and you still have the same bs going on? You need to switch areas.

You could always come here for Spring Break. Much warmer than where you live.
You gave up WHAT?

-well at least it was for a noble cause?
-there is light at the end of this tunnel though, you can stop obsessing about that girl for once and for all now!

-and sorry I couldn't talk last night Yossi, but I had an 8am final exam today, so I needed my sleep.
I know I taught you how to be a Sammy, and to pick up some, "friends", but I hope you didn't pick up the bad girlfriend thing from me also.
I said it before and I will say it again.... girls are the devil!!!
Yes, proof. Women are evil. But unfortunately we are stuck between a rock and a hard place, -that door is left wide open for the pun.

Women, we can't live with them, and sex just isn't the same without them.

-So on that note, I think we should all just list those bad puns from a couple of lines above.
-Come on Yossi, after spending a year with me, I know you have to have a lot of good ones.
you're back!! :D
It looks like you're showing signs of life on LJ...added you back...
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